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Dirty Dianna Matte Lipstick


deep blood purplish-red matte lipstick

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You never make me stay, So take your weight off of me

I know your every move, So won’t you just let me be

I’ve been here times before, But I was too blind to see

That you seduce every man, This time you won’t seduce me

She’s saying that’s okay, Hey baby do what you please

I have the stuff that you want, I am the thing that you need

She looked me deep in the eyes, She’s touchin’ me so to start

She says there’s no turnin’ back, She trapped me in her heart

Dirty Dianna, no….

Dirty Dianna

Please note that all matte lipsticks are free of parabens, and enhancing chemicals. Color applies lightly. For rich, full coverage make a few passes.


  1. bjvanhoo (verified owner)

    I also really like this color. No drying and no cracking

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