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Hydrating Lip Exfoliator Pumice


Lip Pumice

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Prep with this soothing and hydrating Lip Pumice to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Rub across your lips generously and wipe off excess product before applying vitamin E or your desired color.


  1. Marci (verified owner)

    I’ve never thought about exfoliating my lips.. but when I saw this I had to try it. And I love this! I use it, take my shower or bath, then follow up with the vitamin E stick. Amazing! I love this stuff! A must have for me now.. ❤

    • SuperDuper Admin2

      This is what we love to hear. We saw a hole in the market and wanted to create a product that was healing, soothing, moisturizing, and beautifying. Accounts like yours make our efforts all worth while. We appreciate your patronage. Sending exfoliated kisses your way. XOXO

      -Team Khari Barbie Beauty

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